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Zanzibar’s most talked about sea adventure!

The original Safari Blue tour offers a full and fascinating day including all transport, snorkelling, food and drink etc. It also offers a far more nature-friendly way of possibly catching sight of some dolphins than the numerous ‘Swimming with Dolphins’ trips offered from Kizimkazi.

The tour starts on the Fumba Peninsula, a twenty minute (and rather hair-raising) drive from Stone Town. Upon arrival at the set-off point it takes a bit of time for the boats and gear to be prepped for travel, so expect some waiting around. It is advisable to wear shorts and water-shoes too as you may have to wade when boarding and disembarking your vessel and there are sea urchins and painful coral along the sea bed. But the slow start to the adventure shouldn’t mar the overall experience.

The trip takes you to a sandbank, cold soft drinks and beers are provided en route. From this bank you can snorkel. Guides set up a shade tent in which you can have a snack or a cool drink. The snorkelling is good and the location peaceful. If you are lucky you may spy some dolphins while sailing.

After this the boat sets off to a second beach location. Guides set up the extensive and fresh seafood BBQ while you relax on the beach. Dinner is followed by a beach walk to a fallen Baobab tree that serves as a climbing frame.

Finally the boat sails round to a mangrove glade and there is final swimming among the trees before the day is done.

This is a long and tiring day, but most travellers think it well worth it.

What the Trip Includes:

Visit a Mangrove Lagoon
Explore the mangrove lagoon hidden inside Kwale Island.

Visit a Baobab Tree
Climb the tree and get a great view from the top! If lucky you'll find massive coconut crabs living inside its hollow trunk.

Sandbank relaxation
Explore safe snorkeling and enjoy relaxation under the shade. More snorkeling on a dedicated snorkeling trip.

Dolphins siting
See dolphins on 90% of our water excursion (Indo-Pacific Humpback and the Bottle-nose dolphins).

Seafood lunch
Served at our desert island restaurant, includes a delicious Zanzibari seafood lunch with grilled fish and slipper lobster, gastronomic fruit tasting, coffee and Amarula.

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